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Welcome to Closed Circle!


(This is Closed-Circle 1.0.  Closed-Circle 2.0 is located at .  Please update your bookmarks.  We’ll be deleting these 1.0 pages as soon as we’re certain the 2.0 upgrade is working properly.) 

Closed Circle is the brainchild of three authors, multiple Hugo award winner, C.J. Cherryh, Best-selling co-creator of Thieves’ World, Lynn Abbey, and critically acclaimed Jane Fancher. Collectively, we have 150 (and counting) published novels from major New York publishing houses, and at least that many short stories, dating from the mid 1970s. Continue reading Welcome to Closed Circle!

Closed Circle has moved (slightly)

We’ve redesigned and gone to more direct routing. We’ll get a redirect in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, here’s a link to our shiny new site!

Looking Good!

What more can I say, except that I can hardly wait to see more!

Updating at last!

Over the next few days Closed Circle is going to be getting a new, streamlined look. We hope you all like it, but that also means that the site might look really strange when you arrive. We could go offline while we update, but frankly, that’s too much like work, so just bear with us, OK?  Don’t worry (yet) about links that don’t work or overlapping boxes or colors that make you sick just to look at them. That’s all part of the process. When we think we’re done, then we’ll appreciate all the feedback you can give us about broken links or things that don’t work on a given browser/configuration. So…We’re off!

During our upgrade—you may notice some link issues…

If you do, please write to us as and tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll try to help out. Some links are incomplete as yet…but will lead somewhere soon, as soon as we clear the avalanche…Typically the upgrade turns out to have more moving parts than we anticipated—but we’re getting there, and it will be beautiful—with new stuff—so please bear with us, and know that if we can help meanwhile, we will be happy to do so!

We are running late—we can only apologize: this is what happened.

We were on track to be on time.


Galleys came in from New York — this is CJ talking. You never know when this will happen. Even my editors don’t always know when this will happen. Worse, just after it happened, my computer keyboard died and began to cause all sorts of mayhem (laptop); so I was out of commission. The company couldn’t get the part to the repairman as fast as should have been; that was 5 days down,when my machine wouldn’t work and I couldn’t get at the galleys which were on the afflicted laptop—the loaner-machine I was using couldn’t do the work. Meanwhile Jane had to do the Closed Circle work I should have been doing…and the very hour we finally got my machine fixed, and got the galleys back up (electronic)—Jane took one look, said, “this is wrong,” and discovered there was a major, pervasive error that required me going through and fixing all pages of the galleys; and then we had to get them compared against the original file (more computer work) and marked meticulously; then the changes entered, and sent to NYC the hard way, as page by page pdfs—all this was 5 more days. Lynn, meanwhile, had some real-world troubles, including vandals in the area, that threw her behind with trying to get her books ready; and we were still almost going to make it—when Jane, trying to get a download she needed for Closed Circle—got a malware.

This fried it. We are still trying to get this sorted out. We are exhausted. We have beautiful things to show you and some new things to sell—and here we are still trying to get Jane’s computer (which has all the files) debugged and back working again. We are so frustrated.

So please bear with us. We have wonderful new things coming—but the deluge of crazy happenings has just put us a bit behind. Watch this space—we WILL be doing that upgrade as soon as we can get the brushfires put out and the alien landing under control.

New Look Coming for CC’s Second Anniversary

Closed Circle’s second anniversary is rapidly approaching and we’re planning to launch a whole new streamlined look for the store. Not to give anything away, but we’ll have new covers, new logo, and even better, new stock! But in order to accomplish this miracle, we’re going to have to shut down the site for a couple of days. So…As of December 11, will enter a timewarp. If all goes well, it will reappear 48 hours later on December 13 as

We are horrified! We just discovered…

…that our software has been dropping manual sales requests into a folder under a name so similar to the non-manual requests—well, we didn’t realize we even had any manual sales, (we couldn’t figure why we didn’t, but decided everybody must be automated) —and some of these orders go back to the beginning of our operation. We are so  embarrassed. We now have that list of e-mails and we will be sending out an e-mail to all those who made those now-ancient orders, with a profound apology and an offer to fill the order should you still wish it.

GroundTies is on Amazon!

Dear friends,

We’re invading Amazon/Kindle. If you’d like to join the invasion and downloaded a free version of GroundTies, you can really help by going up, leaving a review (good or bad…) and maybe buying one at its current measly price of $.99.

groundties slide show

GroundTies has gone Big Time and Jane has a new Freebie up!

Yes indeedy. GroundTies has joined the other ten million new titles put up on Amazon in the last 24 hrs. So…no more free GroundTies (that’s part of the deal with Amazon/Kindle), however, there’s a short (very) BRM story over on the Freebies page. It’s the man who will become Sergei’s meeting with Alexander. I’ve put up direct links to pdf, mobi and epub files. I just checked the mobi file and you truly can download it right onto your Kindle! PDF and Epub will open in your browser, if you have adobe reader and an epub reader installed.

Anyway, GT s/b available tomorrow on the Kindle at the unbelievably low price of $.99…for the next few days. I’m working on getting UpLink listed, and when it goes up, GT will go up to a whopping 2.99! (Ooooo…ahhhh…) So…even if you don’t want to spring for a nice shiny new copy with a TOC and everything, I’d really appreciate it if you’d all go review it. Somewhere along the way all the reviews the Amazon Dead Tree version used to have have been lost. :cry: It had some really good ones, too.

upgrade complete…problem not solved

I’ve got a query in at the theme creator. I have no idea why it’s working fine on my site but not on CC. Hopefully we’ll get this solved soon.