Closed Circle Titles

Another title on the virtual shelves!

Lynn’s “The Wooden Sword” is now available in the eStore.

(7-6-10 — Well, isn’t this embarrassing.  Apparently I bundled a 0-length pdf file into the downloads.  It’s been fixed, but don’t hesitate to let me know if something’s not working.)


Considering the subject matter — the journeys, both internal and external, of a forest-goddess’s champion and the shepherd who befriends him as a way to escape a backward village and a very bad marriage — it’s probably not surprising that Lynn’s original “dead tree” publisher judged The Wooden Sword too realistic to be good fantasy.

Now, you can judge for yourself…and without harming a tree!

There’s a downloadable sample that includes pdf, epub, and mobi versions of the first two chapters here

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