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CJC's Writer's Life

This is an edited-for-legibility version of the online journal I kept for several years. If you want to read the adventures of two writers trying to share a moderately air-conditioned apartment with two worthy cats, through earthquakes, mandatory moves, interesting neighbors and computer adventures, well, this is it.

It’s good for fans of our writing who want to know what was going on while the books were being written. And it’s very  informative for anybody planning to retire to a mountain cabin with an Irish Setter, a pipe, and a writing habit—a life of taking sedate walks in the woods, with New York publishers making pilgrimages to his abode to get new bundles of manuscript.

The Writing Life: A Writer’s Journal tells it the way it really is, with a dose of unplanned comedy. It’s a real journal—not fiction.  I swear.

(Though at times, one could wish…)

A ‘FULL’ download is the book in 11 different reader formats, typically a 4 to 5 meg download. The ‘MINI’ download is a  3-format purchase (mobi, e-Pub, pdf, typically about 1.5 meg, for faster download and smaller storage. These three types convert easily to all the others.) Due to software and design constraints, freebie books are only offered in FULL download. Others offer you a choice you make on the Products Page.