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NEW BOOKS and 10% off through Friday!

In addition to all our regular goodies, we’ve got four brand new items to tempt your taste buds! Check these out! And more will be coming. Just let us catch our breath.

First, there’s CJ’s newest Bren short story, Invitations. Every story has a beginning. Every friendship has a meeting. Every job has a first . . . → Read More: NEW BOOKS! a Foreigner short and the completion of the Netwalkers arc.

Protector is back in stock!

But only seven copies. If you missed your shot at it, grab it now!


Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Closed Circle has 3 new items!

First: CJ Cherryh’s Yvgenie:

Third in the rewritten Rusalka Series. It’s a love story, a ghost story, and what it’s like to grow up as a wizard.


Next up: Deliberations

A brand new Foreigner short story from the pre-Bren era—JUST pre-Bren. Barely.



. . . → Read More: It’s Jane Fancher’s Birthday, she has a gift for you—And Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Audiobooks: Cyteen

The US Cyteen audiobook:

The UK Cyteen audiobook:

The Cyteen set is professionally produced, beautifully read, unabridged—it’s the one I’ve had a chance to listen to at least the start of—there are 5 sections, averaging about 7 and a half hours per section, so you get a lot of car-trip listening. And if . . . → Read More: Audiobooks: Cyteen, Chanur, Foreigner, and others

Orion's Children have arrived!

It’s taken far longer than I thought it would (The surprise isn’t that every ebook has display problems, no matter the format, platform or device; the surprise is that any ebook display anything at all!) but at long last, not only have my Orion’s Children books been freed from their original publisher, they’re available here . . . → Read More: Orion’s Children have arrived!

Be Sure To Include Your POstage

If you are buying more than one book, contact us. If possible, we will combine shipping. Our program automatically adds the shipping, but we’ll put them in a box and send them via whatever means you choose, (i.e. priority or media) then refund the difference through paypal…i.e. you’ll only get charged for the actual cost . . . → Read More: Be Sure To Include Your Postage

Intruder is In!

Book thirteen in C.J. Cherryh’s fabulous Foreigner series just arrived. On sale for $20 until 3/13/12. Don’t forget to include signature details!

As for that gorgeous Todd Lockwood cover, check out his cool step by step slideshows on how he made it.

GroundTies is on Amazon!

Dear friends,

We’re invading Amazon/Kindle. If you’d like to join the invasion and downloaded a free version of GroundTies, you can really help by going up, leaving a review (good or bad…) and maybe buying one at its current measly price of $.99.

GroundTies has gone Big Time and Jane has a new Freebie up!

Yes indeedy. GroundTies has joined the other ten million new titles put up on Amazon in the last 24 hrs. So…no more free GroundTies (that’s part of the deal with Amazon/Kindle), however, there’s a short (very) BRM story over on the Freebies page. It’s the man who will become Sergei’s meeting with Alexander. I’ve put . . . → Read More: GroundTies has gone Big Time and Jane has a new Freebie up!

Just in time for Halloween

CC is going to have a new book available! Jane’s contemporary vampire story for the rest of us will (gods willing and the creek don’t rise) be published on (how appropriate is this) Halloween!

. . . → Read More: Just in time for Halloween