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Winter Solstice Sale!

Celebrate it how you will, Winter Solstice is a wonderful time of year as the world clock ticks over from hibernation to awakening. It’s a time to celebrate and give to everyone you love and we love all of you! So…from now until the New Year ticks over: We’re having a sale! 10% off site . . . → Read More: Winter Solstice Sale!

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Sold out on Protector, but we have other signed physical books for sale…

Just go to the Physical books tag in the sidebar < and that will get you there.



We haved the new paperbound Intruder for 8.00 plus postage. WE have quite a few physical books in the backlist.

Please include include instructions such as whether you’d like a plain signature, a signature with date, or the copy personalized to you or someone else. We can mail to you or to a specified individual.

Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Closed Circle has 3 new items!

First: CJ Cherryh’s Yvgenie:

Third in the rewritten Rusalka Series. It’s a love story, a ghost story, and what it’s like to grow up as a wizard.


Next up: Deliberations

A brand new Foreigner short story from the pre-Bren era—JUST pre-Bren. Barely.



. . . → Read More: It’s Jane Fancher’s Birthday, she has a gift for you—And Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Audiobooks: Cyteen

The US Cyteen audiobook:

The UK Cyteen audiobook:

The Cyteen set is professionally produced, beautifully read, unabridged—it’s the one I’ve had a chance to listen to at least the start of—there are 5 sections, averaging about 7 and a half hours per section, so you get a lot of car-trip listening. And if . . . → Read More: Audiobooks: Cyteen, Chanur, Foreigner, and others