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Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Closed Circle has 3 new items!

Yvgenie Cover

First: CJ Cherryh’s Yvgenie:

Third in the rewritten Rusalka Series. It’s a love story, a ghost story, and what it’s like to grow up as a wizard.



Next up: Deliberations

A brand new Foreigner short story from the pre-Bren era—JUST pre-Bren. Barely.



 nw_partners_-for_kindle_500mandm_for_kindle_500nw_omni_forkindle_500And last but not least, the long-awaited (and all-important) prequel to Jane’s GroundTies:

From CJ Cherryh: “I have something to say about this one. First, I have serious book envy here—this is a story I wish I had written. Secondly, I love these people—except, obviously, the bad ones. And thirdly—this is the first of a set: First read the ‘Netwalker duology. THEN the NEW Groundties duology, which is massively changed from the old one; THEN the Uplink duology, again, massively changed; and third, the NEW Harmonies of the ‘Net duology, again, yes, massively changed. You’re dealing with a more mature author, and all the second thoughts that a long delay in publication can bring you.

“These books have been through hell AND high water—she doesn’t even mention the flood. First, the editor left them in mid-production, and he was gone. Then the line crashed. THEN a second editor really wanted them, talking about submitting for awards, and HE was out. His legacy: a ‘you must keep and publish these books’ order. The next editor came in: and SHE wanted only to publish writers SHE had discovered, meaning that note, and the books, went in the drawer—she wouldn’t violate the order, but she wouldn’t publish, either. It took Jane years to get those books free of that house.

“The next publisher wanted them—but the previous house had created, yes, a screwed-up record in the distributing system, which meant that the next publisher couldn’t get them past those bollixed-up numbers—
“So. Finally. Closed Circle has the honor of bringing these to you…and you’ve got a treat coming. These are as special as several editors have known—and here they are. She is working on Homecoming Games—which brings all the birds of prey home to roost.”

NetWalkers will be available two ways: As two individual books, or in the combined Omnibus, which will save you a couple of dollars.

But there’s more!

Come visit us on Super Wednesday, and you’ll be able to snap up Part One: Partners for FREE! This is a one-day special offer in honor of the day Jane began writing all those years ago, the day ‘NetWalkers was born.




October 24th Special Sneak Peek!


Thanks to all of you who came and supported us yesterday. It was a fabulous response. We hope you enjoy all your books and come back for more!

 ‘NetWalkers, a book Robert Sawyer called “A big, meaty book that’s everything science fiction should be.”

We hope you love it as much as we do.



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