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Coming September 1: Rings of Change: Alizant

At long last! RingDancers: Book Four!

After a mere eleven years, the sequel to Ring of Destiny is finally available! We have babies (these, being Rhomandi children, will obviously not be your run of the mill infants.) We have new characters (who knew Kiyrstin actually had family?) We have Dancer on rooftops (so what else is new?) We have family arguments, political upheaval, lightning storms…in other words, same old, same old…

Or is it?

The worldRings of Change: Alizant of ley-power is changing, and as with all change, the shifts carry mixed blessings. While the Rhomandi brothers have settled their differences and set Rhomatum on a path toward the future, the Kirish’lani empire is in turmoil, the balance of power in Mauritum is shifting, and in Rhomatum, at the heart of the upheaval, the Rhomandi Triumvirate faces its greatest challenge yet, right within its own heart as one child fights for his very soul, and another battles encroaching blindness in stoic silence.

RingDancers is a different kind of “fantasy.” It’s not the story of ultimate good against ultimate evil. It’s not a story of gods and devils. It’s a story of real people with very personal, if unusual, problems to solve. The stories are long and complex with a large cast of characters.

Ring of Change: Alizant begins a second story arc, each one focusing on a different character. It can be read separately, but it truly is part of an ongoing and interconnected story line which is, ultimately, about what makes a family.

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