Closed Circle Titles


Q: I didn’t get my download.

A:  1) Check your junk email folder for an email from authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net.

2) Put authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net in your “trusted email” list: we hope this will keep us our of your spam filter.

3) Try the download link again. The download should be nearly instant.

4) Still no file? Contact authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net and we’ll make sure you get your file.


Q: There’s something the matter with the file I downloaded. What do I do?

A:  1) If you’re still within the 24 hour download period, (from when you paid us) try downloading again. We strongly suggest downloading two different copies just to be on the safe side. Files get corrupted in transit. The encoded links that come to you after your purchase are good for 24 hours.

2)  if re-downloading doesn’t work, contact the writer involved and tell her ASAP. (Look on the About page for contact info) If there’s a file glitch, we’ll find it, fix it, and get a new download up on the site as fast as humanly possible, generally within a couple of hours, if we’re in town. A brand new download could foreseeably have a problem, since, unlike a big company, we don’t have a lab where we have every reader and can test every file type. The first people who download could encounter problems, and we’ll be watching closely for any report of such, especially within the first 24 hours of posting a new file. The faster we fix it, the fewer patches we have to issue.

3) Keep the faith. We’ll make it work.


Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: We’re working on it.


Q: Does Closed Circle accept submissions for publication?

A: No, sorry. But. We will happily tell other writers how to do exactly what we’re doing. We’ll tell you what softwares we use and all of it. We would like to encourage other writers to do what we are doing, and link to us, but we are, Closed Circle aside, working writers, and what we do is write. Full-time.


Q: Can you replace a file I lost?

A: We’re not set up to do that. If you lose your download it’s the same as losing a book. The difference here is, you can store a copy in your library, on every computer you own, on a CD, your backup drive…you get the idea.  😀  There’s nothing preventing you from copying these files ad infinitum. All we ask is that you keep those files for your own use. (Well…you can let your family read them, but when the kids move out, they need to start their own library. :lol:) We’re trusting you to do that. That’s why we’ve opted to go with non-DRM.


Q: Can I ask a question about a book?

A: You betcha! Just not here, please. Go to the blogs. We have plenty of discussion there. If its a spoiler question, go to a spoiler thread: you’ll see them conspicuously posted. Enjoy!


Q: Is there any way to get a paper copy of an e-book?

A: We’re looking into setting up something with either Cafe Press or Lulu. It won’t be cheap, but if you want one, likely yes.


Q: Are you going to do (fill in blank) as an e-book?

A: We cannot do books that are currently in print with paper publishing houses, IF their contract covers e-book rights. If it doesn’t, we can. This is on a contract-by-contract basis. In general, look to their sites to buy e-books of books in print.


Q: Does Closed Circle allow other sites to sell Closed Circle books?

A: Currently, no. We are going to look into Amazon and other legitimate distributors, but right now, if you see a Closed Circle book on any site but this one, even including ‘legitimate distributors’, that’s a pirate copy, and to be avoided.  And we want to know about it. You’ll hear officially from Closed Circle itself if we have made an agreement with any other distributor.


Q: Can I write a review?

A: As many as you like. Spread them all over the internet, with our blessing. Just not here. Remember, this is a personal site. We don’t normally read reviews lest they sway or undermine our muses. We can’t possibly vet them, and we really don’t want to be tempted to read them. All we ask is that (a) you spell our names right and (b) you include links to

The message box below is open for general, site related queries of an FAQ nature. Please, anything personal, even “I love your books” (which we naturally love to hear), please take to the blogs.