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PayPal is our preferred payment option. They’ve got all sorts of security bells and whistles now, so it’s as safe as any other online credit card payment method.

If you prefer not to use or set up a PayPal account, the PayPal checkout page should give you the option to simply pay directly with your credit card. (See images below.) PLEASE NOTE! It has come to our attention that, at least for those buyers outside the US,  PayPal has a limit of 10 transactions of this nature per credit card. After this, you must either give them a different credit card or get an account with them. We think this is crazy and we’re going to try contacting them to see what’s going on, but for now, if you have trouble using this non-account function, please note that you can do a “manual” purchase and send us a check/international MO in the mail. For those who are registered regulars on our blogs (see the about pages) we will expedite the link and trust you to send us the check. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

However, if you prefer not to go PayPal or just don’t like using credit cards online, checks and money orders by Snail Mail is always an option. Just go ahead and fill up your cart, then check the drop down menu on the shopping cart to select the “manual” option. This e-mails us regarding your order: we e-mail you back to tell you how to pay us; you snail-mail us a check; we take it to the bank, cash it; we e-mail you the file(s), package up and mail the tangible items. Then we divide the money according to whose books earned what (all money from a sale goes directly to the creator, excepting a very small PayPal fee), and we’re all happy.

We can also deal with Moneygram or an international money order. You need to e-mail us and help us figure which book(s) you wanted: we can sort out which author to pay, at this end of the transaction: you do not need to break it down individually.

Please be patient: remember we’re not a ‘bot, and at a certain point it requires us to get to the keyboard and e-mail you, and then get to the bank and get word from them. It may take as long as two weeks to process a mailorder, because we could be out of town.

If you have any lingering concerns about PayPal communications re their own accounts, they now have a verification download via Iconix (I’ve installed it and it’s trouble-free) that will check any e-mail you get claiming to be from PayPal and report any phishes.

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Follow link to

pay without PayPal.

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