Closed Circle Titles


We try very hard to make our ebooks clean. We test formatting on as many different readers as we can before pubbing, but it seems there are always errors that slip by. Then there’s in inevitable it’s and its. Yes we know the difference, but our fingers aren’t always as smart as our brains and we make mistakes as our fingers fight to keep up with our brains. Far, far more than what you see in the final edition! The worst things that slip past us are continuity errors. A good book requires multiple passes and while we’re good at editing each other, by the time you’ve read the same basic book two or three times, details from previous versions that don’t fit with the current can slip past.

The upshot of all this: fresh eyes, careful readers are our best allies. So:

If you find such a pesky creature lurking in a file, please GO HERE and leave a message, naming the book in question and including a brief, searchable phrase so we can find the problem easily. On the page, you’ll find a “report by” date for each project. That will be the cutoff for errata for the project in question. There will also be a reissue date for the “fixed” edition. If that date has passed and you feel the error is actually significant, please post the problem anyway and we’ll definitely consider whether it constitutes a revision.

Thank you, our precious fresh eyes!