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The current download contains four, count them four, “Full” style zip files, a solo story from each of us, and the 2011 segments of our Closed Circle Shared World, Seeking North.

Seeking North: Part One 2011
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FROM C.J. Cherryh : Sword and Sorcery Project:


GOLD IN ARDERIN is a .pdf-only download of a sword and sorcery story that doesn’t know whether it’s a short story, a novelette, a novella, or a novel. I don’t even promise I’ll ever finish it. But here is a work in progress strictly for fun—and you can comment on it, dice it, suggest, debate, and I’ll listen.I’m assuming everybody can handle a .pdf in some way or another, and since Word Perfect just churns that out with no effort on my part, that’s what we’re handing out for free.To support the writer at work—feel free to donate, over there in the box. Remember Paypal takes 33 cents a transaction no matter the size, so dollar downloads get kind of chewed up, so you might want to save up your donation until the work has got more to it to make it worth your while— but once I get enough donations, or at least comments, to make me feel guilty [or when I get my next inspiration from all the witty discussion on Wave Without a Shore, or just when I have a crazy week in which the regular book for some reason is not working for me] I’ll write more.If the story reaches final form, it will come out as a regular Closed Circle e-book or e-story in all usual formats, and those of you whose donations have by then amounted to the cost of a new e-book or e-story will automatically (so I plan) get the download in its polished form, with some sort of cover, even. Meanwhile you’ll have the fun of commenting.

This is an experiment. The object is to have fun. Harlan Ellison once wrote in front of onlookers at an sf convention. This is my equivalent of the same. And here with version 2 you have a real opportunity to see a writer at work—if you want to see what happens to a story when I go into Edit Mode. When that happens, all bets are off, and a story can mutate—considerably.

Gold in Arderin version 1: download now

Gold in Arderin version 2: download now


Closed Circle Flyer

Some of you have generously offered to print and put out a fewfliers for CC at conventions. We can’t thank you enough. Here’s the link.It should print fine at “fast draft” quality.Thanks again!!!