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GroundTies has gone Big Time and Jane has a new Freebie up!

Yes indeedy. GroundTies has joined the other ten million new titles put up on Amazon in the last 24 hrs. So…no more free GroundTies (that’s part of the deal with Amazon/Kindle), however, there’s a short (very) BRM story over on the Freebies page. It’s the man who will become Sergei’s meeting with Alexander. I’ve put up direct links to pdf, mobi and epub files. I just checked the mobi file and you truly can download it right onto your Kindle! PDF and Epub will open in your browser, if you have adobe reader and an epub reader installed.

Anyway, GT s/b available tomorrow on the Kindle at the unbelievably low price of $.99…for the next few days. I’m working on getting UpLink listed, and when it goes up, GT will go up to a whopping 2.99! (Ooooo…ahhhh…) So…even if you don’t want to spring for a nice shiny new copy with a TOC and everything, I’d really appreciate it if you’d all go review it. Somewhere along the way all the reviews the Amazon Dead Tree version used to have have been lost. 😥 It had some really good ones, too.

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