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JSF's NetWalkers

On ‘NetWalkers:
A big, meaty book that’s everything science fiction should be: a slam-bang adventure that leaves you thinking, a character story with a social conscience and stylish writing paired with brilliant plotting. A tour de force for Fancher, and an important book for the field.”—Robert J. Sawyer: Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Hominids, and Fast Forward, and bunches more really, really good books, and an outstanding HB.

On GroundTies:
“. . . reads like Cherryh near her own top form . . . no padding or wheelspinning here, just the genuine article. ” —-Locus, on GroundTies

Why new versions? Because after writing ‘NetWalkers, I realized I only knew the tip of the iceberg when I wrote GroundTies. These new editions are richer, more vibrant…and clearer than the original books. (I’ve learned a bit about writing in the last twenty years.) These are all at least 30% longer than the original series, and there’s not a page left unedited. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit editing these books, searching for fossils, making the additions seamless. But…that’s not to say something won’t slip past. If you find something, please…let me know here: Thank you all, and enjoy!


For more information on the history of the series and the reason for the multiple versions, see the “Original Series” page