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New and improved Deliberations

Rusalka…and all the other books with new covers and better formatting…will be available soon. I’m working on it as fast as I can and we need to get the New Link generator working before we open them up for re-download.

We had a couple of issues with Deliberations. We had a small continuity problem, which we fixed…only to discover the fix added a new problem. If you have mysterious questionmarks showing up after the dialogue close-quotes…that’s because there was a mysterious, invisible character that snuck in with a conversion from html to WordPerfect. We tracked down the pesky thing after the reports of these strangely out-of-place questionmarks and have fixed it along with the annoying tendency of the file not to group with the other CJ Cherryh books. (Meta problem that I thought I’d fixed and forgot to save after making the changes…ah, well.)

The upshot is, there’s a new and improved version up as of 10/29/12. If you’d like to request a link for the new and improved version, just enter the email addy you used in your order into the blank below. Theoretically, this will generate an email with links to all the books you’ve purchased, including the new version of Deliberations. Some people have had issues with this generator. We don’t know yet if anyone is being successful. If you do get a link, could you please just mention it on one of our blogs or FB pages? Thanks for bearing with us.

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