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NEW BOOKS and 10% off through Friday!

In addition to all our regular goodies, we’ve got four brand new items to tempt your taste buds! Check these out! And more will be coming. Just let us catch our breath.

First, there’s CJ’s newest Bren short story, Invitations. Every story has a beginning. Every friendship has a meeting. Every job has a first day. This is Bren’s.

Then, there are the completely rewritten editions of Jane’s first series, WildCards, NeXuS, and ColdFusion. If you think you knew that story, you’ve got a surprise coming. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the free samples, and we’re betting you’ll be back for more! But read ‘NetWalkers, first. This is a long, complex tale with a history—and mystery—that builds steadily. You can read it out of order, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you don’t! For more information, links to free samples, click on the cover. So: the order is: ‘NetWalkers, WildCards, NeXuS, and ColdFusion. If you’ve been looking for solid science fiction, this is it!


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 Or click the e-books tab above, and browse our entire stock. But act fast! Our 10% off ends Friday Aug 16th, 2013. Remember SpoCon10.

You can order directly from your device. If you have a Kindle, choose the mobi file and download from the link on the page you’ll return to after payment. If you have a Nook, use epub, same thing. iPad installs via i-tunes, and remember that neither a mobi nor an e-pub file should be unzipped.

Or from your computer, choose the mini which gives you all three major options (Mobi, Epub, Pdf)  in zipped file. You’ll need to download to your computer, unzip, then load onto your device via USB or (if your device supports it) the Cloud.

In the past we have offered printout copies to those who cannot download. This has proved to cost us more than we make, both in materials and in effort and time. So this will as of 9/4/13 no longer be a mode of purchase. Some day in 2014 we hope to offer a physical book option. But not yet.

Don’t forget to join our blogs! In addition to our normal chatter, we have dedicated pages for book comments! And you’ll always know when something is about to come out—takes us a bit: e-book publishing is far from a push-button affair: it’s more like 10-20 separate readthroughs of the entire text  word by word while looking for misplaced codes and backwards apostrophes. Kudos to Jane Fancher, who additional to doing most of our covers, does most of that meticulous work, too.

Welcome, from all of us, and enjoy.

Remember: First Netwalkers [which contains Partners; and Mentors and Mimetrons,] then Wildcards, then Nexus, then Cold Fusion!

Sale ends Aug 16, 2013.

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