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Orion's Children have arrived!

It’s taken far longer than I thought it would (The surprise isn’t that every ebook has display problems, no matter the format, platform or device; the surprise is that any ebook display anything at all!) but at long last, not only have my Orion’s Children books been freed from their original publisher, they’re available here at Closed-Circle. 

The words are, anyway.

Jane and CJ are graphic artists in addition to being damn-fine writers.  I’m pretty good with needle and thread, but, somehow, a counted-thread cover, even one embellished with goldwork, didn’t seem appropriate (Though Jillian Temaki has done some excellent embroidered covers for Penguin Classics.) So, I had this brilliant idea that I would commission covers from an experienced cover artist, because all this dead-tree to digital paradigm shifting is affecting cover artists as much or more than it’s affecting writers.  I approached Don Maitz, whose work I’ve loved since first I saw it.  He was interested in improving his digital skills…and, trust me, the sketches (are they still called sketches when they’re done digitally?) are fantastic.  But we agreed from the beginning that he’d work on my covers only in the “slow times” and, fortunately for him, if not for me, he’s having less slow time now than when we started the project.

I thought about keeping the Children under wraps until Don’s covers were ready, but there’s no guessing when that will happen.  So…the fool rushed in and made herself some covers.  Jane stepped in and made them better (much better) but anyone who knows her art will realize that they’re fundamentally not her style.

When Don’s covers are ready, I’ll send new (and much better looking) files to everyone who’s already bought the titles, because it’s the stories that matter and I hope you’ll enjoy them.  They’re available on the Orion’s Children page.  If you scroll down to the bottom, you can purchase the whole series at a 25% discount!

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