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Problems with downloaded epub files solved!

We’ve had several of our readers download our epub files and unzip them. We were wondering why, since the direct epub  download (as opposed to mini or full) is not a zipped file per se, but an epub file.

The sneaky truth is, an epub file is exactly that, a bunch of folders in a very special order zipped into a file with a .epub extension. But if you unzip that file, the reader can’t read it.

Turns out that Internet Explorer’s most recent downloader is arbitrarily changing the file extension from .epub to .zip before saving it. So…bottom line, if you’re using IE and order an epub, please make certain the extension on the file you’re saving is .epub.  If by accident it gets past you and IE changes it to “.zip”, you should be able to just right click on the file and change the extension back to “.epub”  Windows explorer will gripe about it, but tell it to do it anyway!

Jane has notified Microsoft, who was very polite and responsive, and actually made a case file on it, so hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

As always, if you have any problems, please let us know!

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