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The Quintessential Uncatagorizable Dynastic Fantasy

“Reading any book by Jane Fancher is like sitting down to a cup of really good hot cocoa—rich with just the right touch of darkness to make it interesting. Her Science Fiction balances cutting-edge, hard science with character-driven plotting. Her fantasy is multi-layered, intricate, and unusual. Her characters walk out of the pages, grab you by the throat, and don’t let go.”

Patricia Briggs: #1 NY Times Best-selling author

and all around darling individual

It’s not Steampunk. It’s not historical. It’s definitely not urban. It’s not Medieval or Epic or Heroic, so…just what is it?

It’s a story about three brothers and the misunderstandings that can only come from a relationship that close. It’s a story about the economic and philosophic  battle between steam and electrical energy, the haves and the have-nots, the natural and the scientific. It’s a land where gunpowder exists, but carry a firearm too close to a source of ley-energy, and it’s likely to go off in your pocket.

Throw in some Romance, a bit of sex, an identity crisis or three, a lively and unpredictable non-human element, and plenty of politics, and there’s a whole lot to fill out, not only the original three books DAW put out, but at least three more.

These books have an unusual appeal to hard core SF readers as well as complex fantasy buffs, but if you’re in for a quick, light read…well, this isn’t it, but, hey, try it! You might like it!