Closed Circle Titles

We are running late—we can only apologize: this is what happened.

We were on track to be on time.


Galleys came in from New York — this is CJ talking. You never know when this will happen. Even my editors don’t always know when this will happen. Worse, just after it happened, my computer keyboard died and began to cause all sorts of mayhem (laptop); so I was out of commission. The company couldn’t get the part to the repairman as fast as should have been; that was 5 days down,when my machine wouldn’t work and I couldn’t get at the galleys which were on the afflicted laptop—the loaner-machine I was using couldn’t do the work. Meanwhile Jane had to do the Closed Circle work I should have been doing…and the very hour we finally got my machine fixed, and got the galleys back up (electronic)—Jane took one look, said, “this is wrong,” and discovered there was a major, pervasive error that required me going through and fixing all pages of the galleys; and then we had to get them compared against the original file (more computer work) and marked meticulously; then the changes entered, and sent to NYC the hard way, as page by page pdfs—all this was 5 more days. Lynn, meanwhile, had some real-world troubles, including vandals in the area, that threw her behind with trying to get her books ready; and we were still almost going to make it—when Jane, trying to get a download she needed for Closed Circle—got a malware.

This fried it. We are still trying to get this sorted out. We are exhausted. We have beautiful things to show you and some new things to sell—and here we are still trying to get Jane’s computer (which has all the files) debugged and back working again. We are so frustrated.

So please bear with us. We have wonderful new things coming—but the deluge of crazy happenings has just put us a bit behind. Watch this space—we WILL be doing that upgrade as soon as we can get the brushfires put out and the alien landing under control.

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