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Welcome to Closed Circle

Closed Circle is the brainchild of three authors, multiple Hugo award winner, C.J. Cherryh, Best-selling co-creator of Thieves’ World, Lynn Abbey, and critically acclaimed Jane Fancher. Collectively, we have 150 (and counting) published novels from major New York publishing houses, and at least that many short stories, dating from the mid 1970s.

With that many books involved, you can imagine the sad state of our backlist. Add to that the increasingly conservative New York publishers and their less than sterling attempts in the ebook realm and we just decided to take our creative future into our own hands. We all have series fallowing because New York has moved in another direction, but our readers still want to know what happens to the characters they know and love. And there are more stories. Stories we want to write rather than the stories New York wants us to write.

Thus was Closed Circle born. Ebooks have given us a whole new option and we plan to take full advantage of it. We’re still in the early stages…three months ago, we were still refining our ebook conversion processes…but we’re working on getting samples of all the books up and we have at least twenty more books just waiting for covers and conversions…not to mention the new stories we have sitting in our heads.

Our goal is to bring you a quality, DRM-free product, in a user friendly environment. We edit each other…as we have for years for our NYC publications, so you’ll see no drop in the quality of writing. Expect more, not less.

Well . . . that’s one goal. The other is to write books. Lots of books! Thanks for joining us. We sell via Paypal and personal check…we’re a little slower on the latter, but the addy is on the checkout page. Send us a check: we send you a download link, fast as we can.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our goodies at the Closed Circle Bazaar on Café Press.

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