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Winter Solstice Sale!

Celebrate it how you will, Winter Solstice is a wonderful time of year as the world clock ticks over from hibernation to awakening. It’s a time to celebrate and give to everyone you love and we love all of you! So…from now until the New Year ticks over: We’re having a sale! 10% off site wide and FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING! All our foreign friends will get a similar break in the shipping costs (5.95 off regular shipping charges.) We’d love to offer free shipping across the board, but that would ruin us! As always, combined shipping applies. For multiple overseas orders, we’ll figure what domestic shipping would be and take that off the shipping costs.

This is something new for us. 10% discount and discounted shipping should reflect in the shopping cart. If it doesn’t, it means we missed something. Please let us know!

Happy Solstice, everybody!

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